New company aims to help dealership management become owners

By Alysha Webb, Editor and Publisher

As the cost of buying a dealership rises, a group of highly qualified potential buyers are being priced out of the market. Dealers and general managers who desire to buy a dealership or a platform of dealerships for expansion or succession goals are unable to structure traditional financing to successfully execute their target acquisitions.

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CAF looking for dealer partners

By Jackson Hayes

A new, well-capitalized company is hoping to help general managers looking to break into ownership or dealers intent on growth catapult over automotive retail’s barriers to entry through a unique equity investment strategy.

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Press Release: Capital Automotive Financial (CAF) Launches Platform to Invest in Automotive Retail Industry

CAF Offers General Managers and Dealers One-of-a-Kind Financing Partner

By Richard H. Kotzen

New York, September 22, 2016 – Capital Automotive Financial (CAF) announced today that it has launched a new company to provide long-term equity capital solutions to leading dealers, chief operating officers and general managers in the retail automotive industry. CAF is led by automotive industry veteran Richard Kotzen and Capital Automotive Real Estate Services (CARS), anchored by an investment from Two Sigma Private Investments (TSPI).

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Preparing to Sell Your Dealership Part 3

Thorough Documentation Helps Maintain Confidence

By Ronald Sompels, CPA, and Richard Kotzen, CPA

Owners who are considering selling their dealerships should be aware of and prepared for a thorough review and analysis of information (which is a buyer’s due diligence) supporting the sales price they are expecting to receive.

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Preparing to Sell Your Dealership Part 2

Keeping the Deal on Track

By Richard Kotzen, CPA

Sales of auto dealerships continue to accelerate, with a growing number of longtime dealers deciding to take advantage of today’s active merger and acquisition market. The first article in this series looked at some of the preparatory steps owners should take before putting a dealership or dealership group up for sale. In this article we will explore some actions dealers can take to keep a deal track moving forward once a potential buyer has been found.

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Preparing to Sell Your Dealership Part 1

Planning a Graceful Exit

By Richard Kotzen, CPA

Over the past few years a convergence of forces has led to a sharp increase in the number of auto dealerships changing hands. With increasing dealership profitability, a seasonally adjusted rate of sales (SAARS) that continues to climb, and new buyers injecting fresh capital into the market, many longtime dealers are deciding that now could be an optimal time to sell to maximize value.

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